Saturday, July 16, 2016

Human Resources Consultancy

·                     Establish HR strategies and action plans for implementation.
·                     Policy Development & Implementation.
·                     Study, develop and analyze HR rules and regulations.
·                     Study and analyze Organization Structure and development.
·                     Provide job analysis, specification, and description.

√ Kilani Consulting can help you through our HR outsourcing services. You can choose to outsource your entire HR activity from administration to performance management and advisory services. Alternatively we can tailor-make our offering specifically to your needs to include the following services:
·                     Talent Acquisition
·                     Onboarding
·                     Performance Management
·                     Development of Policies, Procedures, & Processes
·                     Development of Career Paths
·                     Defining Training & Development Needs
·                     Employee Relations
·                     Benefits Management

Our HR outsourcing team shall consider your requirements and expectations, to create a proposed customized action plan. We shall provide you with service solutions that fit your needs. With Kilani Conuslting HR outsourcing, you shall benefit from our experience and know-how, delivered to you from our offices or directly on your premises.

√ What are the benefits of outsourcing to The HR Team?
·                     COST SAVINGS: Outsourced HR services can produce significant savings as compared to employing a full-time qualified HR professional
·                     EXPERIENCE: Outsourcing provides access to knowledgeable consultants who have first-hand experience facilitating HR services across a variety of industries
·                     CONSISTENT LEVEL OF SERVICE: Full documentation of all HR processes allows other members of our team to step in and provide support when necessary. 
·                     FLEXIBILITY AND FULL CUSTOMIZATION: Companies can customize support services and onsite schedules that work best for them.
·                     RESOURCES: Access to our HR forms & tools at no additional cost to you.

√ Policy Development & Implementation
Whether you are in need of a full employee handbook or simply looking for a basic review of existing policies and procedures, we can assist you in your requirements. Communicating your company values and expectations in a clear, consistent, legally-compliant manner is our forte.

√ Employee Medical Insurance (for the Jordanian Market only)
Kilani Consulting team works for you to get the best medical insurance coverage for your employees, by tendering from the best insurance/networks in the Jordan, compare and analyzes converges in-hospital and out-hospital then providing the best insurer with full report. 

√ Human Resources Management System (for the Jordanian Market only)

Our team supports you to find, manage a complete HRMS which can simplify and integrate your HR processes with a complete human resource management system (HRMS). 



Human Resources Manager with 10+ years experience in various fields (such as Five star Hotels, Famous Engineering consultancy and Royal Conference centers), Including Pre-Opening experience

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