Friday, July 15, 2016

Recruitment Consultancy Services

·                     Provide recruitment solutions.
·                     Assist clients in understanding and focusing on their needs of workforce planning and required skills.
·                     Develop various recruitment methodologies for clients.
·                     Study and develop processes and procedures of recruitment for clients.

√ In-House Recruitment solution aiming to build talent pipelines and fill vacancies quickly by use project management and email tools for the administrative duties, Applicant Tracking Systems and resume databases to manage candidates to source your next hires.
At Kilani Consulting, we work in such close partnership with you, our clients, that we often take it as far as sitting in your offices and assisting your in-house recruitment team with your specific recruitment needs. Our consultants adapt immediately to their new environment, and have a cheerful and constructive approach to work. We are professional, objective and result-focused while continually reinforcing your brand image in a positive manner. We always offer a very flexible approach to the mission and we can arrange to be with you for a specific number of hours per week, or for the full working week for a fixed period. We assist in-house in all areas of recruitment, from the pre-screening to on-boarding. We deliver a tailor-made solution to your each individual recruitment need. We offer a confidential and ethical approach to recruitment, and have built strong partnerships with our clients, borne out of trust and confidence.



Human Resources Manager with 10+ years experience in various fields (such as Five star Hotels, Famous Engineering consultancy and Royal Conference centers), Including Pre-Opening experience

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