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Recommended Online Human Resources Courses

Recommended Online Human Resources Courses

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دورات أون لاين في الموارد البشرية ينصح بها بالتعاون مع موقع يوديمي العالمي

Cold Email Recruiter Training: Write Powerful Cold Emails

تدريب لكيفية ارسال رسائل البريد الالكتروني الرسمية او الى الاشخاص الذين ليس لك صلة بهم ومنها رسائل التوظيف 

Learn how to write cold recruiting emails and get more: responses, conversations, 
relationships, meetings, and hires.
4.1/5.0 (91 ratings) - 606 students enrolled
Instructed by: Clinton Buelter 

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Lectures: 53
Contents Video: 2 hours
Other: 2 mins
Skill Level: All Levels
Languages: English
Includes Life time access
30 day money back guarantee!
Available on iOS and Android Certificate of Completion 

About This Course 

Course Description 
Take this recruiter training to learn how to write powerful cold emails (recruiting emails). Easily and simply. This is for recruiters by a recruiter. 

What are the requirements 
Basic knowledge of email 
Be able to install a few simple browser extensions 
internet access 

What am I going to get from this course
You will learn strategies to improve your current messaging response rate 
You will learn how to write effective cold recruiting emails and messages 
You will learn a system that makes writing messages simple and easy 
You will learn follow up techniques and responses 
You will learn how to use persuasion to get candidates to respond to your messages 
You will learn the psychology behind writing effective recruiting messages 

What is the target audience 
This course is meant for technical recruiters and recruiters who are looking to improve their messaging efforts to reach and attract more candidates 
Recruiters from a variety of disciplines and industries can benefit from these skills. 
founders who still do a lot of the recruiting and cold contact themselves 
agency recruiters 
corporate recruiters 
technical recruiters 
non technical recruiters 
HR people who do a lot of recruiting 


Interview Questions: Interview Like a Professional HRM 

أسئلة المقابلات: إجراء مقابلة كما لو كنت مدير موارد بشرية محترف

A Quick Guide for Owners and Managers of Small Businesses
4.2/5.0 (268 ratings) - 2931 students enrolled
Instructed by: Eric Alagan

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Lectures: 12

Contents Video: 1 hour
Other: 1 min
Skill Level: Beginner Level
Languages: English, captions
Includes Life time access
30 day money back guarantee!
Available on iOS and Android Certificate of Completion

About This Course 

Course Description
Building best-in-class teams, starts with hiring the right people and the interview event is a crucial step in the hiring process.
And interview questions are a key component of the interview.

Many business owners and managers of small businesses do not possess formal training in conducting interviews, including the techniques required to formulate effective interview questions.

What are the requirements?
This is an entry level course which does not have any special requirements.

What am I going to get from this course?

Formulate interview questions to identify key attributes that hiring managers seek in job applicants.
Apply the 3 goals and 3 basic types of interview questions.
Pose effective questions to differentiate between experience and expertise in candidates.

What is the target audience?

Hiring managers and business owners who do not have formal human resource training and want a quick primer on formulating effective interview questions.
Students of management. 


Business Etiquette for Job Seekers & Promotion Seekers 

أدبيات ممارسة الاعمال لباحثي العمل والباحثين عن مرشحين للتوظيف

How to Avoid Etiquette Blunders that Sabotage Your Professional Image
4.3/5.0 ( 49 ratings) - 290 students enrolled 
Instructed by: Kimberly Law 

click on the photo to run the course

Lectures: 26

Contents Video: 1.5 hours
Other: 41 mins
Skill Level: Beginner Level
Languages: English
Includes Life time access
30 day money back guarantee!
Available on iOS and Android
Certificate of Completion

About This Course 

Course Description

We live in a busy world. Our clients are busy! Our employers are busy! We are busy!

The ideal course for job seekers, promotion seekers or anyone who needs a quick review to enhance their business etiquette skills for the job interview, at the office, business mixers or on the road.

With globalization in today’s economy, the job market is fierce. This makes it more important than ever to understand how your words, actions and gestures impact others in various business settings. Knowing the rules and customs that are expected is essential to getting the job, making more money and moving up the corporate ladder.

Do you feel frustrated that you didn’t get the job offer – even if you’re totally qualified?

Do you want to learn soft skills that enhance your professionalism?
Do you wish to advance in your career?
This is the right place to get answers.

What are the requirements?

Interest in enhancing business etiquette soft skills
Desire to succeed at work
Willingness to practice and implement new skills to improve professionalism
Aspiration to stand-out as a professional

What am I going to get from this course?

Interact effectively with Western cultures in a business setting
Show respect to co-workers and clients
Make a great impression at a job interview
Make introductions appropriately and effectively
Learn soft skills that enhance your professionalism
Prepare for the business behaviour component of the IITTI Level 1 exam

What is the target audience?

Professionals (men & women)
Job seekers
Professionals who wish to advance in their career
New immigrants to North America or other Western Cultures
Professionals who want a refresher on 'business etiquette'.
Students and graduates entering the workplace
Employers who want to enhance the professionalism of their employees
Professional who interact with clients on a regular basis
Those working with multi-national companies
Those wishing to prepare to take the IITTI Level 1 Business Etiquette Exam



Human Resources Manager with 10+ years experience in various fields (such as Five star Hotels, Famous Engineering consultancy and Royal Conference centers), Including Pre-Opening experience

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