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Kilani Consulting is a specialized Human Resources & Business Management Consulting Consultants.
It provides consultancy services locally and to the Middle East to different industries.
Covering all fields of Human Resources Consultancy, Recruitment Consultancy services, Business Management Consulting, Training & Development skills.

To be one of the most spread consultancy in the Middle East that shares the success and development of achieving Clients’ ambitions and objectives.

To carry out the tasks on a highly competent and professional level, and deliver consultancy services as Clients’ require.

Services Offered:
  • Human Resources Consultancy
  • Recruitment Consultancy services
  • Business Management Consultancy
  • Training & Development skills.

Human Resources Consultancy
  • Establish HR strategies and action plans for implementation.
  • Study, develop and analyze HR policies and procedures.
  • Study, develop and analyze HR rules and regulations.
  • Study and analyze Organization Structure and development.
  • Establish Business Flow Charts.
  • Provide job analysis, specification, and description.
Recruitment Consultancy Services
  • Provide recruitment solutions.
  • Assist Clients in understanding and focusing on their needs of manpower and required skills.
  • Develop various recruitment methodologies for Clients.
  • Study and develop processes and procedures of recruitment for Clients.
Business Management Consultancy
  • Provide Feasibility Studies prepared by professionals.
  • Establish performance talent and organization performance strategies.
  • Provide business process management.
  • Offer technical writing and drafting.

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